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A sea hawk built and very nicely finished by the designer of the plane Eric Smith. I have recently bought this plane. It flys a lot better than my own ever did on a super tigre .75

Right is a friends extremely heavy sea dancer, it has  a .75 engine, it flys ok depsite its weight if it dosn't sink before it leaves the water. This plane now has a new owner has been rebalanced,  lightened has a different engine, genrally tidied up and now flys far better than it did.

Above is a friends standard artf sea master powered with a  OS40fx which suits it well. A very nice plane to fly.  

Right is my much lightened sea master, powered with a OS46la engine.The all built up construction keeps it light and gives it fun fly type flying characteristics.

Below are a collection of friends acro wots Which make excellent float planes.

Left is a friends Eric Smith designed solo.This is the prototype plane as built by Eric. Capable of most aerobatics. This is one of the best planes to knife edge that i have flown. powered by a irvine .53, I am planning to build one of these myself at some point.

Right is a friends limbo dancer, a lightweight fun fly type plane that makes a good float plane.

Left is a Friends S5 sneider racing plane built from  a kit, but with a different lighter set of floats. it flies well powered by a OS60fsr.

Above are mine and a friends laddie mikulasko designed arrows. Both were damaged on the test flight, mine spectacularly exploding in mid air due to the loss of the top of the fin and the resulting high speed violent manoeuvres. The other was badly damaged from being stalled and dropping into the water. Both were rebuilt with new wings as depicted left. Mine (yellow wing) is now properly set up and has had many flights, the red one now has a similar set but was less successful crashing on an early flight.