A Quarter scale cub powered by a super tigre 2000, very nice to fly but quite a lengthy process to get it onto a lake to fly it, still well woth the effort though.

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A friends reflections biplane mounted on ARC floats and powered with a OS61fx. The combination works well taking off and landing on the water with ease.

A single float design fun fly hell cat powered by an OS 25fx engine. This was partially successful flying ok but didn't have all the desired water handling properties. It was hoped that with the large control surfaces it would balance on the centre float and steer like a boat which it did some of the time but was difficult to maintain.. modifications have been made, it is ready for further trial  at the next waterplane meet.

Left is a Brian Taylor spitfire mounted on scale floats, takes off and flies nicely but is very difficult to land due to the high tip stall speed, currently has been damaged and repaired several times would have benefited form the addition of flaps.

Right a Sea master built from plans and powered with an OS 46 FX.

A friends Catalina built from a Bud Chappel plan with a non scale fictious colour scheme. Amply powered by 2 os 10 fp's. flies very nicely, if an engine cuts the plane is very easy to fly only going slightly out of trim and with no control input will just circle.

Above is an enlarged sea master originally built with a centre pod for a 61 engine. I have modified it placing 4 smaller pods along the wing for 4 OS .25 fp engiines. The weight is a few ounces lighter than with the single pod. To date.it has had several  succseful flights on the second flight one inboard engine cut causing a trim change then the other inboard engine cut causing the trim to be restored. it will fly ok on 2 engines but i doubt they would produce enoph power to take off.

Left is a plane called a Capricorn. (The video is not of mine flying) It Is good as a boat on the water and flies very well to powered by a cyclone 15 brushless motor looks rather bazzar in the air.

Above and right is a  R T models (formerly Beladone models) 72" span Canadair weighing 6lbs it is amply powered by 2 OS 15 la's. The base of the hull is glass clothed to prevent damage. Here is a video of it flying at  Billings in Northampton.