This is a gangster 52 that i acquired as a wreckage after a mid air. Rebuilt and put on a single float didn't work to well due to the float mount being to flexible it is now flying off 2 floats and powered with a Super Tigre .51.

Left is my Ben Buckle Radio Queen this makes a very nice water plane and is powered with a super tigre .60. A video was recently taken from it at the colwick park waterplane event. click here for some photos captured from the  video.

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My first water Fan Dancer left and my current one right. The first was far better than the current one, as it would sit on the tips without sinking. the second had to have tip floats inserted into the wing, however there is enough control authority to balance the plane on the single float for take off and landings the first one was far better at touch and goes, you could even steer it like a boat leaning it over to turn. I think the second ones trim is such that the float is slightly out of line with the direction the plane flys. I shall possibly convert the current one to a land plane and build another water one..

The above photo was taken at our club field when flooded. Due to the slow flying speed the Fan dancer needs very little water to take off and land on. Here is a video from this year flying a cougar from the same place.

Above is my cub I bought this as a wreckage, repaired the wing and rebuilt all the front section. it makes an excellent waterplane powered by a super tigre .45. built into the fuslage are bomb doors made from corex which i use to drop a small yacht into the lake this modification was only found on the navy version and so technically is non scale. This has now been desroyed in a crash i am currently restoring another second hand airframe.

Above is my own design low wing corex model this made an excellent land or sea plane, This picture was taken on a beach in Wales where i had just flown it off the sea. I had no rescue boat but the water remains shallow for a long way out the super tigre .45 engine was reliable and the flight completed sucsessfully. Left Ian, middle Me and right Malcolm.

Below is a friends "g-wizz", a good flyer, mid wing aerobatic plane powered with an irvine .46

A Greenly powered by a 38cc Zenoah built  by a friend Barry, this is the LMA's entry level plane. Its really a large trainer but is capable of many aerobatic manoeuvres, it is great fun to fly as a land or in this case as a water plane.

Above is a friends wildcard, Makes a good float plane, I think i may put mine on floats which is currently repaired but unflown, aquired damaged.

Above is a high winged flying boat called a water sprite,  Flies well powered with a magnum gp 42. the wing has recently been recovered and separate aileron servos added (left)..