I fly water planes the first Sunday of every month at Great Billings in Northampton (right) and at the tri annual Colwick meeting (left), which i live only a few miles away from.

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Sea hawk construction and flying (with a second set of floats after an unfortunate incident) at Great Billings. The plane has now had 3 sets of wings and 4 sets of floats, and the front half of the fuselage has been rebuilt twice. It was powered by a super tigre G .61 which is now scrap after a bearing disintegrated. here is the test flight"

A 80% size Solo. The aircraft is of all built up construction, the plastic tile edging float mounts broke on the first landing and were replaced by aluminium carpet edge strip, this was far more successful. The plane was powered by a super tigre .25 which was a little marginal on power, a larger engine in a .25 size crank case such as the super tigre G.34 would be better. I sold this plane to a friend who is not currently flying it.

Both the Sea hawk and the Solo were designed by Eric Smith.

Left was my own design flying boat which was more successful as a submarine. After several modification i finally gave up and used the wings and tail surfaces for a .25 powered land plane which flew very well until its eventual demise due to radio failure. The tail surfaces are now on another plane.

Right is me with my Cadet it took off ok, but was erratic to fly possibly not enough fin area. As a land plane it was fine.

Here is a friends  (In middle picture with red t shirt on.) 80% Sea Hawk, this flies just as well as the larger version and is well overpowered by an Irvine .53.

Not a waterplane but this is me doing a touch and go with my Acro Wot, (superbly Photographed by our club Treasurer) on the island at our club field when it was flooded. We regularly flew floatplane's from here in the 2000/01 Winter.