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Left the Multiplex mini mag on floats an electric foamy waterplane, plenty of power provided by a brushless motor gets it off the lake easily, flies well to.

Above Is a Puddle twin, a very light weight (250g auw) depron flying boat constructed from 3mm depron with a span of 80cm's. It is powered with 2 1400kv 19g motors and 10amp speed controllers, uses 6*4 propellors and is powered with a 800mAh 2 cell lipoly battery pack.

Right is a friends Short Sandringham flying boat which took 150 hours to build and weighs 8lbs. Built from the Tony Nihjuis sunderland plan has been modified slightly to represnt the Short Sandringham, a very similar aircraft. Uses 4x C3536 Turnigy 1300 kv brushless motors with 8x6 APC props powered by 2 x hyperion 3700mah 3S lipos. There is a 40 amp esc for each motor. the rx and servos run off a 2250 2s lipo and 15amp regulator. The plane was origonally ic using 2 x os15fp and 2 x os10la's weighing 9lbs and had a more scale like power. Flaps have been added which are not shown on the plan.

Left is a very nicely built flying boat, sadly there is no way it could be persuaded to leave the water. I suspect there is not enouph hull area in front of the propellor.

Above is my polaris, a scaled down North star It is very fast using a 2212/06 brusless motor, 40 amp speed controller and 2200Mah 3 cell lipoly packs