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Top is a 1 meter fik epp chuck glider converted to a slope soarer and below is essentially the same plane called a pixie in a traditional balsa construction, both fly well in light lift. I bought the epp plane already converted so here a link to a thread detailing a similar rc conversion

Above and right is a Yak , originally i test flew this as an electric plane which was ok until landing, as soon as i took the power off to land it appeared to tip stall taking the tailplane off. After this i was given the airframe which i repaired and  turned into a pss slope soarer.It now  flies extremely well with no tendancy to tip stall. I now suspect that the thrust line may have affected the trim such that cutting the engine caused the violent tip stall affect.

A 3 Meter scale model of a Cobra that i bought at a model auction, Flies in quite light winds needs a little attention as there's probably more dihedral than there ought to be also the linkages are a little sloppy affecting the control.

A 2.8 meter span Multiplex flamingo with ailerons, rudder, elevator, and flap control.

Left is a  flying wing which flies well in strong winds. It has a foam wing and fibreglass fuselage, also a plug in fin for easy transportation.