This is my solution to carrying slope soarers from  the car to the slope, Takes a few minutes to assemble and load. Designed for 2 people to carry a range of slope soarers using only 1 hand each. The wings slot into the bottom sections and fuselages rest on top. flying wings such a zagi or wild thing will rest on top to. Below middle is the less organised solution.

Above is a phoenix, a very nice rudder elevator slope soarer which will fly  in minimal lift..

Below is a friends Avenger, a good aerobatic slope soarer for moderate  plus winds.

Right and above is a friends epp wild thing, a great plane for combat.

Below and Right is a friends r025 3.5 meter span slope soarer, a very good flyer. Has ailerons, air brakes and V tail mixing.

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Above and Below is a 4m glider ,has spoilers, rudder and floating tailplane as an elevator, will fly on very little lift, not sure what its called, if anyone knows please email me.

A friends 2 channel algebra, the fibreglass fuselage version  excellent plane, will fly in light + conditions.

Above and left is my Graupner Cirrus, A 2 channel plane that will fly in light lift but is surprisingly aerobatic and manoeuvrable in stronger lift.

Above and left a highlight bought second hand at a swapmeet has a carbon fbre fuslage which needed some rerepair and straightening , I also  replaced the broken tail with a 3mm correx one, now flies well  in the lightest of lift, also fun to fly in windier conditions.

Left a flying wing, flies well, very fast due partly to the large lump of lead bolted to the fuselage.