A friends tiny 2 channel delta, bought cheaply from a swap meet may be designed for electric makes a superb fast slope soarer, I am currently building somthing similar.

I have now built my version Left. Doesn't quite have the same characteristics of the original had 100% exponential and still very twitchy, i think the slight anhedral at the wing tips which i left because it came out the same both sides gives it this unstable characteristic. it also ended up heavier.

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2 Zagies,robust epp flying wing great fun to fly especially in combat. My zagi is the epp leading edge version it flys very well but needs rather more lead than there is room for in the provided slot to get the centre of gravity correct. below a friends zagi also flies well, seems to be a little lighter than mine. Left is a photograph that i managed to take whilst flying the zagi at the same time.

To the side are a modified wild thing altered into a zagi style configuration, flies well but requires a little more lift than the zagi will fly in.

Left is a zagi kept very light by the sparing use of the fibreglass and bullet tape

2 alulas a very light disc launch glider weighing about 4 ounces, will fly in little lift but also good in stronger winds