This is a 30" span slope soarer made out of 2mm corex. It is 2 channel ailerons and elevator and uses 3 micro servos. Flys very well in moderate + winds.

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Here is my 88" span depron glider at the slope shortly after the successful test flight. There was more lift  than its was designed for which it seemed to cope with well, so i still don't know how light a conditions it will fly in.

This is my 4 channel  3 meter Algebra as depicted on a landing approach on the right in Wales. This flew very well in a lightish wind and is quite aerobatic

Here is a 39" beetle as designed by Stanley Chan whom flys slope soares in hong kong. It is made from corex,  i have used 2 metal geared micro servos to power the elevons which i have altered slightly using the two layers of corex itself  cutting away the top and bottom section of the flutes to make the hinge line. This flyies very well in moderate or greater winds. 

A Tetras flying wing that spent the night in the sea after losing lift from a cliff top site and was found next day on a nearby beach. It has now been restored to flying condition and is far better due to the wings being made bolt on (right) instead of in an earlier guise (left) which tended to break on anything but a perfect landing, Bottom left is a friends tetras.

A friends pss f4 phantom. A very nice plane to fly needs a moderate to strong wind.

Left is a Chris Foss design phase 6. An aerobatic slope soarer which can be flown in moderate to strong wind.This example is 2 channel,ailerons and elevator. The rudder has been left as fixed but could be connected to a third servo quite easily.