my 1.5 meter thing, an excellent slope soarer great fun to fly although a bit battered now after having most bits knocked off at some ponit in combat. Its also had the wings broke in two due to a flat battery caused by a sticking servo.

My 3 channel Flair Fledgling, bought second hand i have made many modifications to it fitting new linkages and lightening the tail section. This flys very well in light winds and is highly aerobatic in strong winds. Left is a recent modification to it. I have fitted it with 70 leds, for night flying. I have flown it in the dark, it is easy to see and orient.

This is the first slope soarer i had it has been repaired many times due partly to 2 mid airs, although not with the other plane in the picture (right) and is on its third tail plane. It still flys very well in around 10mph + winds.

This is a larger 1.8 meter span mijet. Flies just as well as the smaller version  in a wider range of winds. I have added a rudder which i am now considering adding to the smaller 1.5 meter span one.

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This is my own design Vtail slope soarer i rescued the wing that was being thrown away and built the fuslage to suit it flys well in moderate winds +

My own design 2 channel slope soarer the tail boom is carbon fibre salvaged from a crashed helicopter. the wings were origonally from a free flight model called Pops and the tail surfaces are rescued from the wreckage of my mini skipper. It is a bit delicate especially the wings but flys very well.

A friends pss epp mitchell. flies well and is part of an interesting range of epp planes and slope soarers from a  polish company