Left is a slope soarer with an eliptical flat wing made from solid balsa. Initial attempts to fly it were in not strong enouph lift and it landed down the slope unfortunately hitting a rock, causing  damage to the nose and deranging the wing. After repairs it was excellent when flown in a gale. If it's too windy for anything else i shall fly this.

Above is my modified Electra fly  it has the original wing tips connected to a 6' centre wing section. to give it a much larger wingspan. I have also got rid of the electric motor, extended the nose and built larger and lighter tail surfaces ( the dihedral special depicted at the top of the page has this planes original tail surfaces) to help with the centre of gravity. it will soar in the lightest slope or thermal lift. I have also fitted a tow release, I have towed it up myself with a Friend's Titan  and flown it myself whilst being towed by a Stamp or a Titan i have heard it said that you can't tow rudder elevator gliders  but this tows very nicely provided the tug keeps the speed down. this can be achieved with a steep climb assuming there is plenty of power.

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Above is the dihedral special, named for obvious reasons. It will soar in very light winds and is extremely stable.

above is a friends slope soarer named number 43 as it has this number on the tail it looks scale, not sure what it actually is. Normally flys very well, I had one rather interesting flight when the elevator stuck so that it wouldn't go any further than slightly up. had to turn sharply to lose height as the lift kept it gaining height the up elevator constantly made it climb and stall. I fought with this for several worrying minutes before getting it down onto the bracken in one piece

Right is a Friend's scratch built Slingsby Eagle. This flys excellently off the slope and when towed behind a titan for thermal soaring.

Above is a standard built to kit tetras. This flies very nicely in moderate winds +.

Left is my second high siera, i enjoyed flying the first one until it crashed due to a faulty rudder, i expect this will fly in a similar manner.

Above left  is a hawker hunter foamy, this was a friend's who flew it under power and wasn't too impressed, so has given it to me to use as a slope soarer. I have seen a similar type plane slope soared which seemed to fly ok. I guess it will need good lift.