A friends YT international Me 109, a very nice artf aircraft.The fuslage is constructed of thin fibreglass the rest is built up  featuring flaps, air retracts, an animated pilot, onboard glow  and an OS 120 four stroke engine. There is plenty of power and it flies superbly in and looks very scale like in the air .

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A quarter scale Cap232, powered with a 30cc moki glow engine, is highly aerobatic and fitted with an onboard glow and smoke system.

A Flair DR1, left whilst under construction and below as almost finished. Below left is the completed aircraft on the ground and flying. It is powered with a Sato .45 four stroke engine.

This  is fuel

Left is a friends slightly larger 1/4 scale Dr1 in a red baron type color scheme powered with a zenoah 26 petrol engine. Another excellent flyer.

Left a 4 stroke powered artf yak 54, flew nicely, very aerobatic, sadly has now crashed and under repair.

a royal kit 76" span Cessna 336 which i recently purchased from a swap meet, it need a bit doing to it, currently concentrating on the wing and tail booms rearranging the servo mounts and replacing linkages.

Left is a friends Seagull Extra 300 and right his decathlon both well overpowered  and aerobatic with a 3548 brushless motor turning a 12*8 propeller on a 4 cell lipo, or a 15*8  on a 2 cell. They fly better on the 2 cell lipo as it is lighter