These are 5 Flair magnatillas (stand off scale Eindeckers), These are excellent fliers and very stable.  Left top is my old one which was powered by an enya 40 that ended its life as a water plane, bottom right my new one powered by an irvine 40. Top right is powered by an OS52 surpass, Bottom left is powered by a saito 45. Scratch built Spandau machine guns have been built for the 2 baige aircraft although at the time of the photo not yet attached to one of them. Not sure why one is in RAF colors, perhaps it had been captured by the allied forces.

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This is my New Bootlace it is built lighter than the standard Bootlace with lightened tail surfaces and a built up floor. It will be powered by a Irvine .36 with a tuned pipe. It will have micro servos mounted in the wings for the ailerons. Have sinse finished and flown this plane went for a OS 25 fp to power it, flies ok perhaps really needs a bigger engine.

Right is an artf cessna that i aquired as a wreckage . It is currently being repaired it flew very nicely when i test flew it but unfortunately crashed due to radio problems a few flights later. Have sinse finished repairing this plane. Sadly it dropped a wing, was unrecoverable and crashed on the test flight, I'm not totally sure why.

Right is a Piper Cherokee which was given to me as you see it. a future project.

A Friend's Corsair, powered by a 91 four stroke engine, it flies very nicely.

Right and left is a  friends Acro Wot, Like most Acro wots flys extremely well, powered by an irvine .46 with a 13*4 propellor, although an unusual combination seems to suit the plane very nicely. Below another acro wot.

Below is a friend's artf zero. nice to fly except when trying to land it, tended to suffer from tip stalling much too easily,

Below is a Harvard which i was given, so far has had one very dodgy flight, like the zero very easy to tip stall.

Left a vercompte won in a club fun fly competition and built for me to a high standard by a fellow club member. I have almost finished the covering  and intend to have it flying in time for this summer.