A Black Horse Citabra, nice plane flies well but very weak undercarriage, tends to collapse on anything but a smooth landing.

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2 friends Se5a's Built from a flair kit, the top one is powered with a OS40 surpass and  capable of very scale like flights.

Below is a  extra 300, a fast and highly aerobatic aircraft, great fun to fly.

Left a superb scale model of a spitfire, built from a Brian Taylor plan. An excellent flyer powered with a asp 1.08 engine and includes retracts.

Left is a  Yellow cub.

Below is another cap which flies nicely with no tendency to tip stall

Above an Artf electric Space Walker, powered by a brushless motor and 3 cell lipos flew very nicely and coped well with the windy conditions when test flown.

Above a Graupner Extra powered by a 60 engine flew very nicely but unfortunately was crashed due to pilot error  on the next flight.

2 1/4 scale artf beavers left is a cmp beaver powered by a 38cc zenoh petrol engine, the one on the right is powered by a Super Custom 160 flat twin glow engine, both are adequately powered and fly extremely well.

Left is an artf stand off scale spitfire which crashed after only a few flights  due to an electrical fault. right and below is another artf spitfire, both designed to be easier to fly than  if they were truly scale models.