A friends black horse decathlon, this plane has nice gentle scale like flying characteristics, but also can perform some aerobatics, the picture on the right is a result of the wind flipping it upside down just before landing, The plane is now restored and back flying. It has since been crashed again and is  now deceased.


A 3 channel semi scale beaver powered by an OS10fp, flies well, but the problem is getting it into the air, not powerful enough to take off from grass and erratic  results when thrown.

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A friends artf studaker,  after a very dodgy test flight which i  was happy to get it down in one piece. More nose weight was added, this improved it but still very unstable, and not pleasant to fly.

Left is a Hannibal, the larger version of flairs  magnatilla. Powered by a zenoah 26 petrol engine it is a very stable flyer, the test flight was a non event needing only a few clicks of aileron trim. Right is another petrol powered Hannibal with similar flying characteristics and a  more scale like colour scheme.

A Friends (depicted in the right picture) Jodel Robin very good flyer, although a tad underpowered when taking off, requires a long run and shallow climb. has a zenoah 38 fitted possibly be better with a  45.

Right is an artf pilatus pc9. Flies very well and is quite aerobatic powered with an irvine .53.

Left is a friends gee bee racer powered with a zenoah 26. flies extremely well and is capable of tight pylon turns.

Below if a fun fly type profile plane made to look like a jumbo jet. Powered by an OS46fx it flies well but is a little heavy for a fun fly type plane

Above is a friends cesquaplane, a flair Legionnaire kit, flies in a very sedate scale like manner.

Above and right a nice example of a cub finished in military colours and powered with an OS52 surpass. Below are 3 more cubs in civilian color schemes.

Right a later pic of the above yellow cub with decals added after being dumped into the hedge as the best improvised alternative, the landing strip being unreachable due to the engine failure and the prevailing wind. No damage was sustained.