A collection of Yamamoto's, from the left a older version and a newer version, fibre glass fuz type, 2 standard wooden 4 channel ones, below a standard wooden 3 channel, a much lightened all built up one with a small bomb bay under the fuel tank. All 4 were excellent fliers .Below right  is the recent replacement for the lightened version which flys as well as the first alongside the 1/2 scale version see the sma page.

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Right is the above plane repaired after an inverted landing on concrete scuffed all the lettering and sometime later it was crashed due to engine failure during a low aerobatic manoeuvre,  I have used a type of holographic book covering for the lettering which stands out well in the sunlight.

Ben Buckle radio queens as seen at the Beeston model flying club. I now own the orange one which has had a new fuselage and floats fitted.

A friends President T180, an overweight aircraft powered by a SC .53, it required rudder and ailerons to get it to turn. Currently being repaired after being flown into a tree (he should have left it there it would make a nice home for squirrels).

Above another T180 which seemed to fly far better, only being powered with an OS 40 fp. unfortunately the picture below is the result of a fuel leak getting to the receiver. Currently under repair.

Tim (left) and  Ian (right) holding Tim's trainer after it had made contact with one of the many rugby posts that adorn our field at Beeston. They damaged many aircraft being strategically placed on the landing approaches if the wind was across the field.

A friends Telemaster Senior, It has a 8 foot wing span, powered by a webra 90, with the reliable Dynamix carbouretter, Flies superbly.

Above is a  friends classic trainer that he learnt to fly with, since sold to another trainee who destroyed it whilst trying to learn to fly inverted

Left is a learner that i have been teaching to fly mostly with his irvine tutor40,. this makes a very good trainer. He is more or less ready to take the A test.

I taught another learner with the ready 2 to depicted right, He went right through to the A test with this robust  plane suffering only a few broken undercarriages from heavy landings, he is now a very competent pilot.