This is my mini Yamamoto Built several years ago as a first small model (30" span) to put my micro radio gear in, it is all built up structure. It is powered by an OS Max 10 with a 7*4 propeller and has a 2 oz fuel tank. Originally it used Fleet micro servos a Fleet micro receiver and a 150 Mah battery pack and weighed 13 oz. With this configuration 3 flights were possible on 1 charge. It now has micro Protech servos installed, a small Fubtaba reciever and a 300 Mah battery pack which is phisically the same sive as the 150 was, with this set up it ways a couple of ounces more. Being 4 channel the plane is highly aerobatic, flies quite quickly due to the thin flat bottom wing section and is great fun to fly.

A Friends Dehaviland Beaver. A 30" span fun scale type 3 channel model powered by an OS10FP. the plane is lightly constructed and flies very well. An aileron wing is planned. watch this space for a further update eventually.

Above is my half size fun fly type plane i have almost finished. It is 30" span,  powered by an OS 10FP has 5 micro servos and weighs 1 1/2 lbs I had to put the elevator, rudder servo's and the battery pack in the rear of the fuselage to get the correct c of g. I have now flown it the fuselage was to short making it very twitchy to fly. I cut the fuz in half and added an extra 6 inches to the tail boom this vastly improved things, but being a bodge was way out of line. I have now built a new fuslage and the plane flys well. But it still isn't really the slow flying fun fly i wanted i think that i shouldn't have scaled down the wing section thickness as much as the rest of the plane in order to keep a large frontal surface area.

This is a friends mini jazz a similar sized fun fly to above , powered with a OS15la engine turning an 8*4 prop. and has a semi symmetrical wing section. It flies superbly. I want one!