Left is a friends 3 channel president fly boy, this was an appalling plane that crashed almost every time it flew. Have since flown another which after showing similar characteristics was improved by large changes to the wing incidence propping the wing up at the back. possibly this one could have been improved with similar measures.

A Trainer bought to the field  by a modeller returning to the hobby after 20 years. I initially trimmed the plane and handed him to fly, it was soon evident that he could still fly perfectly well.

index 1

Left is a scaled down version of a plane called a meadow skipper. This had a 26" wingspan, an OS max 10 engine, and micro radio gear. It was destroyed when a wing fell off in flight, i enjoyed flying this plane and shall build another.

Above are 2 Precedent High boys, a little on the heavy side, but they both fly well

Left a Cambrian flyer had just enough power on a  os 25 fp Now fitted with a OS32 and is transformed.

Left is an irvine tutor 40, nice flying trainer, this example is well used and patched up.

Above is a Nova trainer, an excellent plane to learn on. It is amply powered with an OS 46 la replacing the previous rather unreliable RMX 40.

here are 2 boomerang artf trainers with similar characteristics to the nova and tutor 40, all three make very good trainers

A Ripmax 30 slightly scaled down artf  trainer,  more responsive than a normal sized trainer would be ok as a second model.

right is a small high wing trainer type plane which flies extremely well.