A own design depron delta using a Axi 2112/34 motor and 880 3 cell li poly battery This is quite sensitive on the elevator. Whilst it is stable in flight  it is also capable of aerobatics and is extremely manoeuvrable, I would like to fly this indoors. Pictured flying under a fence the side posts are just out of view on either side. The controls are elevons but i think it may benefit from the addition of a rudder or 2, may try it.

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Here are 6 of my my own design combat class planes designed to tow a crepe paper streamers, weighing 9 ounces and built with 6mm depron and 26" span. It is more stable when towing a streamer, 2 others are currently being built. I have kept the design as simple and cheap as possible for easy repair or replacement. They seem to fly ok with a wide variety of lipo's and brushless motor set ups and the one below has a shortened wing span for transportation purposes.

Here are 2 shockies, a superstar and a edge that belong to a friend, they are both good flyers. but the edge is better.

Above is a depron version of the mini blitz which was a free magazine plan uses a  2 cell 600 Mah lipo batteries and a typhoon 5 brushless motor. Flies very well from a hand launch but was designed to be dropped from another aircraft. This has yet to be done as it did not fit the current dropper.

Below is a depron shockie biplane. Both wings are flat sheet, The ailerons only make the plane roll, turning is achieved far easier using the rudder which produces flat turns.The plane is great fun to fly once you are used to the strange flying characteristics.

Above is a a cheap twin electric  motor foamy type plane Control is achieved  by varying the two  motors. it takes quite some time  to trim and balance, once  correct it flies really well.

Above is a high winged plane made of depron, flies well on a brushless motor and lipos.