34" span fun fly type planes click on the left and middle pictures to watch  videos, These planes uses 4 gws pico+ servos, Jeti 5channel rx, Axi 2212/34 motor, a Gws10*4.7 propeller,Pheonix 10 speed controller, Powered with a ?Polyquest S3 lithium polymer 880ma battery (note the 2 cell pack is pictured on the link) and weighs 12 ounces.

Above is my Hydrofoam uses the same radio gear and motor as the fun fly I have not flown/sailed/driven this as yet but was so impressed with the video i had to build one.  a report will appear here after testing. The plan is available in pdf format which you can print out with the "markup lines" and stick together.

The hydro has now been test flown , it would not come off the ground,  with a   hand launch it went straight into the ground, the engine was altered to have some upthrust, this was better, with a vertical launch it sort of flew but was completely uncontrollable constantly rolling right, it flew for around 20 seconds before crashing (see left). The conclusions i have come to is that it needs left thrust , up thrust, building in 6mm depron instead of 3 to create a more rigid structure, I also slightly increased the rudder and tailplane area and added an extra fin in the middle,  i also got rid of all the silly tabs on the plan except the ones connecting the fins to the hull in favour of glued seems, this was far easier to build.  The new plane has been built incorporating all these changes and is ready to fly (see below).

shockie video

I have now flown this and although far better than the original it is still unstable and extremely difficult to keep in the air. The 6mm depron was strong enouph to fly with no carbon fibre but not strong enouph to crash. It has now been repaired and stiffened with 2 carbon fibre spars at the front and back of the wing/hull and is ready to fly again. I flew the plane in a strong wind i think it would be more managable in calm conditions.

Left is my depron biplane it is rouphly based on a scaled down panic although i guessed this from memory and made the aerofoil sections semi symetrical. It is highly aerobatic and prop hangs very well. It also flies fine but much quicker without the top wing.

This is a 88 3/4" span depron glider. it has a polyhedral wing and is rudder elevator only,The whole airfram weighs 6 ounces. i calculate this will have under 3 ounce / sq ' wing loading,  I have designed this for flying off the slope when there is little wind.

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