Above are ariel photos taken of the Beeston flying site and surrounding area. In the right pictures you can  see the flight line. In the 2 middle pictures are the rugby club clubhouse, canal & car parking area and to the right is a view across the other side of the river Trent (which quite a few planes ended up in) of Clifton.

Here are some pictures taken from an electric glider of the Nottingham Racecourse and surrounding area that the Trent Model Flying Club flys from. Note in second photo is the lake that waterplanes are flown off (see waterplane page), in the 4th photo is the greyhound racing track. Here is a recent video of the site taken from a Yamamoto.

Above are pictures of my cougar captured from a video taken with a small video camera mounted on the back of the electric glider. I attempted to follow the glider throughout the 3 minute 20 second running time. At times the plane is in view for several seconds. The field of vision is not large and it is difficult to stay within it. We have made many previous attempts to do this resulting in only brief glimpses of the following planes. this is the most successful attempt to date.