Below is a friends 80" span vintage plane that looks very similar to the Long Cabin acquired from a swapmeet, please email me if you know what the plane is called. It is powered with a Super Tigre .51 engine with a 14*6 propeller making it low revving and very reliable.


Above and below is a 1947 Ben Buckle design long Cabin, powered with a K&B .65 engine. Flies nicely although did have a slight problem when the wind blew it over on landing and the wing broke in 2, since repaired. With a 16 ounce fuel tank and the capability of maintaining height on tick over, it has a duration of 75 minutes.

Below it was a lot of fun flying the two aircraft in close formation, being surprisingly well matched considering the different engine and propeller sizes.

Left A Ben Buckle Buccaneer, flew nicely powered with a 25 fx engine.

Above another excellent Ben Buckle design, the black magic built from a Flair kit.

Left another sedate flying 3 channel vintage design called a puffin.

Right is another as yet unidentified Ben Buckle design.  It is very stable and smooth flying amply powered with a Super Tigre S .45.

Above is the slightly larger Ben Buckle super sixty, unusually for a vintage plane has additional aileron control and far less dihedral, Although It still requires some rudder mixed in with the ailerons in order to turn.

Below another large unidentified vintage aircraft (please email me if you know what it is). Its owner has named it "Bertha". A super tigre .51 provides just enouph power to get it into the air, although once flying can be throttled back,a .60 sized engine is a planned replacment.