This is a Ben Buckle radio queen, which i have since purchased. I fly it only as a water plane, a bigger rudder was necessary to counter the pendulum effect of the large floats. The model is covered in orange Glosstex. and requires at least a .45 engine to get it off the water. I now fly it with a super tiger .61 which flies it with ease.

Right is my lazy bee which i bought from a swapmeet, I have recently upgraded the engine from a enya .15 which barley flew it to  a OS 25 fp which provides more than enough power to fly and perform some aerobatic manoeuvres. here is a  video of it flying at Goosdale 


Left a modern vintage type plane called an ezee peezee, an extremely stable slow flying large plane, this one was fitted with a hal autopilot as well, with the hal switched on it was literally capable of landing itself once aligned for an approach.

A collection of Junior 60 A superb stable easy to fly Rudder/elevator Ben Buckle design vintage aircraft. Ideal for learning to fly with, or just nice to fly on a calm sunny day.  Can be powered by a wide range of 2 or 4 stroke engines.

Left is a Sportster, an unusual configuration, 3 channel rudder / elevator, the  twin rudders are mounted under the tailplane, it Flew well but was underpowered with a 40 4 stroke, It is as yet unflown with a 70 4 stroke installed. Has now flown with the .70 which is a vast improvement no longer being underpowered.

Here is a more modern vintage style plane, 3 channel powered with a OS 15 engine They were covered in the style of the blues brothers ex police car. the one on the left has been recently rebuilt refurbished and is now back in a flyable condition. This is a plane that was designed to dissemble into many pieces to be easily transportable without a car.

Right is another Ben Buckle design A Quaker 86" span and very light, easily powered with a OS 46 La. Note the raked forward undercarriage designed to assist landing when flown on single channel (rudder only) or free flight.

Right is an electric version of the Junior 60. Flies really nicely although it is a bit of an anacronysm.