Left is a wanna B, a plane superficially designed to practice and take the bmfa B test with. Both tailplane/elevator and the rudder/fin have a symetrical aerofoil section. unfortunately the plane was destooyed before anyone pass the B test with it.

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Right is a super sportster 40, a nice flying low wing artf aerobatic sports plane

Left a large low wing aerobatic plane powered with an irvine .72 using a 13*6 propellor and piloted by snoopy.

Above a low wing sports plane  called a wasp powered with a OS 40la engine, built up wing, flies nicely although did not make a good waterplane.

Left a hangar 9 pulse xt 40 excellent easy to fly low wing plane with lots of dihedral,(makes a good first low wing plane)  powered with a four stroke engine.

Left a Bravo, a patterny sporty type artf  plane, flies ok. Right is its replacment after a mid air collision

Left a Mick Reeves gangster 63 excellent plane goes where its pointed, capable of most aerobatics.

Below a segull superstar, A scalish looking aerobatic plane powered by a 26cc petrol engine disabled.

Right is a low wing aerobatic plane, not sure what. It has been suggested that it is an early version of the gangster although I'm not convinced, it certainly flies well, if anyone knows what it is please email me.

And assembled:

Above my speed air ended up in a tree with only the wings surviving and a friends twister ended up in a another tree with only the fuselage surviving  needing a new front, with a slight modification to the wing seat and hatch i rebuilt the twister using the speed air wings. Unfortunately it crashed on the test flight as i attempted to land because of the very  rearward centre of gravity.  The plane had an engine failure as i throttled up to go round again after overshooting due to a high tickover. The damage was fairly minor and will be ready for another test flight shortly this time correctly balanced.