I acquired this wot4 (left) as a wreckage and rebuilt it as depicted. Unfortunately on the test flight which otherwise went well i had complete radio failure which turned out to be the receiver. The rx has been scrapped as i can't find the fault and the plane is currently is currently having a major rebuild.

Left is a friends rapier sadly now deceased was very fast powered with a irvine .40 and tuned pipe.

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Below is a new era mkII which i bought from a swapmeet for £10 the wings are foam unlike the new era mkIII which has built up wings.  Powered by a super tiger.25 it "flies on rails", is fast and aerobatic.

a pair of gangster 52's. A superb fast aerobatic model that goes exactly where it is pointed. The purple one has  had  many formation flights with  my gangster .52 as depicted on sports page 1

Left is a friends scaled down titan powered with an irvine .36, this makes an excellent fast aerobatic plane. left is the same plane after being recovered by its next owner and now powered with a leo 37.

A fleet wing. This was originally my instructors plane i have seen it pass through the hands of many owners since. It eventually crashed due to a loose servo tray and is awaiting repair.

Below is A friends acro wot with a nice sunburst colour scheme.

Below is a friends silhouette, a nice flying low wing aerobatic plane that "flies on rails", powered with an OS46fx. Its colour scheme resembles a quality street wrapper. The rather flimsy wing mounted undercarriage has now been replaced with a  fuselage mounted carbon one. which is far better for flying off grass. Right is its current colour scheme after changing owners.

Right is a super air very nice flying plane with an mds .40 that actually runs, brought to the field by one of a long line of potential  learners who appear once and are never seen again

Left is a friends swallow, a pattern ship.

Above a ex competition loaded dice pattern ship. unfortunately the original setup is lost, it is now underpowered and the retracts have been replaced with a fixed undercarriage. Still flies ok but nothing like what it once was.