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Here are a few pictures of final construction and flying. The one on the left flys very well the other needed some mods to the floats before it would plane, it has only flown for a short distance so far before running out of lake and having to land. Watch this space for an update.

Gary's finished North Star built and test flown by me, it flew very well and Gary is very pleased with it and now has another which needs finishing. The model is built to the standard plan with the engine mounted slightly higher to allow a bigger propeller. The this way up colour scheme makes it very visible in the distance, it was powered by a Super Tigre .45 and has Futaba gear. Gary has upgraded the engine to a Super Tigre .51 which gave a significant improvement in speed

After much unsuccessful experimentation my north star has been altered back to a standard configuration and now flies fine on a irvine .53. it has recently crashed and been stripped back to a bare airframe for repair then sprayed green and black, i redesigned it as a  vtail twin (left) unfortunately never had the power to get off the water with 2 25fp's has now again been altered back to a standard configouration (right).

Below is the final north star of the batch,  flies well and very fast powered with an irvine .53 with genasis pipe.

I test flew it, the owner wanted me to point out that he flies it as well.

Left is a friends north star, another from the same batch as above, This was slightly modified with a a larger wingspan, so far was slightly damaged on a rather short test flight due to the centre of gravity being to far back.

Left is a friends modified North star with swept back wings. I test flew this. configured as a land plane. it flies superbly being a little lighter then a standard Northstar due to the c of g being further back therefor not needing so much lead in the nose. Below is him with his standard north star, both are very fast with os 50's and a tuned pipe.

Right is my half scale Electric North Star currently under construction