Here you can see the triangular section to support the top sheeting and hatch. This needed soaking to conform to the double curvature and took several attempts because it kept breaking.

A close up view of the tail section showing the plywood plate that helps to support the engine pod.

The tail section sheeted ready for leading edge and engine pod.

I added an extra spar and dihedral brace here as there didn't seem to be much holding the two wing halves together.

The north star Pod with throttle servo, this is the shortened one for the pusher version.

A close up of the wing structure.

Leading edge sheeting construction.

The sheeting was not wide enough to cover the entire leading edge Below is the construction of the extra bits to fill in the gaps these were constructed from the cut of sections of sheeting from the other end. Note plywood strake for mounting engine pod.

The following 2 page contain some of the construction details and finished pictures of 2 North stars, one a standard one,and one modified, with the engine in the middle as a pusher and only using elevons and a rudder.

Overall view of wing structure without sheeting. This clearly shows the positioning of the extra spars and plywood bracer.

Here are the modified tip floats for the mid engined North Star these attach to the front of the wing unlike the standard tip floats that attach to the back of the wing. the idea of this was to make it easier to rotate as it does not have the leverage of a tailplane. The plane would not taxi or plane on the water with these floats they need cutting down to about half the depth.

A close up view of the webbing construction.

Here is the details of the front hatch and the standard floats To aid water sealing and strength the side bits ought to be left on the Northstar fuz itself and a flat hatch made. This would also be far easier to do as getting the hatch to conform to the shape of the fuslage is not very easy.

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