A collection of cougars.This is an excellent fun fly plane capable of most 3d type manoeuvres. can be powered with a variety of engines, but the best power to weight ratio is provided by the OS46la. and a 12*4 propeller for prop hanging (see right prop hanging in formation). Mostly the tips have been left off as this gives a better roll rate, it also makes a very good float plane. Here is a video of a cougar with floats flying off the above pond.


Left the couger works well on ski's to

Left  is a double sized cougar initially underpowered with a 26cc zenoah.  Replaced with a zenoah 38cc engine which was much better although still slightly underpowered. Although very nice to fly. Covered in Pro film in a similar scheme to the original.

Right a  lazer 3d, a large fun fly type plane that had a tendancy to fall to pieces if flown to fast. To the left is a very similar large fun fly hype 3d both capable of all a cougar will do, but has slower and more patterey type characteristics

Below is a friends Funtana powered by a 90 4 stroke. A superb aerobatic fun fly type plane. I want one. sadly now deceased

Left is a  lightened version of the Giles 202 which gives it fun fly type characteristics The fuselage is very weak breaking in 2 on anything which is a less than perfect landing. Below is a very similar designed, fun fly  plane called a Razzle.

Left is the artf ucando  a large fun fly type plane. Below is the same plane on a larger scale and is petrol powered. Both are highly aerobatic being particuarly good at knife edge due to the large side area of fuslage