These are Mick Reeves Thrillers an excellent highly manoeuvrable aerobatic plane both were given to me as wreckages and rebuilt. i enjoyed flying the one on the right before and after i owned it. sadly both are no more i would like another


Here is a friend's President Fun Fly, flew well for many years on a variety of .40 sized engines. It became increasingly heavy as it was repaired from time to time (see right digging it up after wings detached in flight),  reaching  6 1/2 lbs. It was finally destroyed due to radio problems. Below left is another which  still flys.well both as a land and a float plane

Left is a Fan Dancer, i have built several of these planes. With the large control surfaces they will do just about any manoeuvrable. I have turned 2 of these planes into waterplanes, with a single central float. There is enough control  authority to balance the plane on one float and even do touch and goes.

Although the 4 planes are essentially the same a few mods have been made, the orange one has wider ailerons , built up elevators, foam hatch and a wire uc whereas the silver one which belongs to a friend has a solid elevator with holes, a depron hatch, and a carbon fibre undercarriage, the bottom one is my current one. All 4 fly very well although the wider ailerons make a notable difference, i shall be sticking with this modification on future ones.

Here are 4 of my own design fun flys based on the president fun fly. They are all built up, have a longer wingspan, The whole structure is kept very light, the usual 1/8 liteply fuz is replaced with 3/32 balsa.

Below A limbo dancer powered by an  irvine .36 heli engine, an excellent fun fly type plane.

Left is a friend's artf black horse twister initially powered by a OS40la and then upgraded to a OS46la with which it was far better. lighter than the president fun fly which it has obvious similarities to.but heavier than my version  its performance falls somwhere in the middle. a very enjoyable plane to fly capable of most aerobatic manouvers.

This is glue.

3 more Twisters the right one about to be test flown, bought for 57 quid and fitted with spektrums new 2.4ghz radio system, also powered with an  OS46la engine.