Above are views from the top of Mamm Torr in Derbyshire this is a very high site with excellent slope lift, it is often shared with paragliders or hang gliders. Unfortunately it is a long climb to the summit and requires a unusual southerly or easterly wind.

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Above are views from a power site near huntingdon that i have recently visited, it was an excellent site for flying, a logical layout and good facilities.

Above are views from the flight line of the Rolls Royce flying club site situated at the opposite end of the runway, which we use when Merlin flying clubs approach overflys the usual end. There is less room than at the other end and those trees are not very far away plus the runway slopes< the right picture shows this to be about right. The photos are a bit dark ill take some more on a brighter day.

To the left is  a picture of various slope soarers at Hathersage within the Peak District national park  in Derbyshire.

Three views of the Don Valley flying site, A nice site to fly at although there is not a massive amount of room for landing, if the wind is from the left planes sometimes end up in the trees and to the left is a rough field which is likely to cause damage if you drop short when landing from the other direction. I normally fly here when i go to there open day event which is very enjoyable

A spectacular slope soaring sight on the lynne peninsula  in Wales Overlooking an island, although  is a little too far away to fly over.