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These pictures are of the Beeston flying club where i first flew and learnt to fly, sadly this club no longer exists as the rugby club needed more and more time to play rugby (American football for morons). You can see me in the picture above on my bicycle, to the left is my instructor (left) with a friend (right) who was also learning to fly at the time. To the right is a photo of the site taken from an aircraft.

This is the Trent MFC flying site situated at Nottingham race course, we have a large grass expanse to fly over, the only obstructions being the various goal posts scattered around the field.Also subsidence is making the take off landing area ever hillier.  Above is taken from the pits looking out over the flying area and left is the pits area. We can fly most of the time assuming the field isn't being worked on.

The site above is behind Nottingham Racecourse in Colwick Park I fly off this lake three weekends a year  at  waterplane events organised by the British Waterplane Association. Many people attend these events from all over the country and a steadily growing number of Trent members  now have waterplanes. Below right is the rescue boat in the backup operational mode after the outboard motor ran out of fuel.

This is the LMA's waterplane site, it is situated at Billings in Northampton. I fly here throughout the year the first Sunday of each month. Left is a general shot of the pits area and right is Jim's Sunderland on its take off run and above is a view of the pits area from the rescue boat.

Below is me at one of the lleyn peninsula slope soaring flying sites overlooking Hells Mouth in North Wales and right is a view from the same place of Hells Mouth.

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Above is Rolls Royce Model Flying Club i fly here mainly on a Sunday afternoons it has an excellent concrete runway to fly off. The club holds many events.