Here is a friends electric glider sitting on a glider release mechanism on his greenly. This is a very efficient glider and will take advantage of any thermal activity it finds. We have many extended thermal flights with this including one of nearly an hour.

Here is another friends electric glider this was used to take the Nottingham Racecourse pictures with small digital camera  (see ariel pictures page). This Is capable of long thermal flights or can be used as a slope soarer.

A brushed motor electric glider bought cheaply from a swap meet.

roys glider info here

johns glider info here

Below is a 3 channel polyhedral wing electric glider. Flies well using lipoly batteries and a brushless motor.

Right is a friends electric vtail glider powered with a brushless motor it is fast and aerobatic, but a bit to small to thermal well.

Left is a Protech alpha 180 originally designed for a brushed motor and nicads, flies very nicely with a brushless motor, 1500 or 1250 3 cell lipo and a 9*6 folding prop at 10.8571428571429 ounce / square foot wing loading with the 1500 battery, thermals well flights of about 20 mins are possible with no lift. The longest flight to date is about 30 mins.

Left is a brushless motor powered glider running on 3 cell lipo packs. Very powerful a few seconds vertical climb is all that's required to get to a height to go searching for thermals.

Left is a Ripmax Star gazer ideally designed to be used as an aerobatic slope soarer, but also makes a good electric conversion.

A friends glider, very fast and aerobatic.

Above is a Multiplex fox chuck glider converted into an electric rc plane, powered by a hacker A10 15s brushless motor.