The Practice golf ball dropper can be attached to most planes with elastic bands and connected up to a spare channel usually the retract channel with switch. The dropper allows one ball out at a time, as the plywood gate opens to allow the end ball out the snake extends to prevent the second one moving, as the plywood gate closes the snake retracts to allow the next ball into position to be released. You must remember to reset the switch after each drop.

The dropper may need some experimentation and adjustment to get this to work correctly; it has a tendency to drop 2 balls at a time unless the adjustment is correct.

Here are a few ideas I have tried out.

  a)      Set up a target and try to hit it.

  b)      Build several droppers and have a bombing competition.

  c)      Play aircraft bowls were a target is placed on the field and you take turns dropping different coloured balls to attempt to  get closest.

  d)      A fun one is to try to drop the ball so you can catch it yourself, not easy.

  I’m sure there are endless other possibilities.

  Practice golf balls are available from most golf shops in a variety of colours at a pound for 6.