A friends own design aircraft. It has a flat bottomed wing with no dihedral and a similar aerofoil on the tailplane. It  is powered with a Irvine .53. There are 4 servos in he wings the inboard operating very effective flaps. enabling steep landing approaches and a hands free take off. The flying characteristics are excellent and there is no adverse yaw (which  often affects this type of aircraft..


Left is another own design from the same person as the above plane. Uses a yamamoto foam wing and has a hardwood strip flat fuselage structure, another excellent flyer.

As depicted below. I am calling this a birdie 15 as it is a slightly cut down birdie 10 wing.The rest is my own design, powered by a OS15 la it is very fast and easily hand launched.

Above is one of my abandoned projects which i gave away to a friend as just a balsa framwork.He made a good job of finishing it off and it flies very nicely.  Powered by a Leo 37 it is fast.

To the right is my own design bomber plane, the box underneath has doors to allow payloads to be dropped such as a parachute or  parachutes, paper planes etc. One plan is to build a small rc plane to fit within the bomb bay possibly a flying wing or a plane designed to unfold once dropped. here is the test flight.

Left is a bomb made from a plastic bottle, has cardboard flights and is coloured by stick back vinyl strips, the whole thing is very light and safe to drop.

Unfortunately this happened on a recent flight when loaded up with a multi parachute drop the engine cut just after take off it will be restored.

This is a plane made up of 2 crashed planes.The fuselage is from a mick reeves gangster 52 that was crashed into a tree, i had to rebuild the rear section of the fuselage. The foam wing came from a crashed D B gringo, the wing was broken in two, i cut both halves the same size beyond the damage using a band saw and rejoined as a smaller wing. The finished plane flies very nicely on a OS 40 fp and the separate flaps work well both on take off and to  slow down for landing .

left a friends own design elctric depron plane, unfortunately crashed shortly after launch, currently not obtained flying status.