This was my first twin it had 2 super tiger.25's and an 8 ' wingspan. It was made entirely of corex and weighed 9 lbs. It was heavy because the proportions made it balance badly it needed over a pound nose weight, The plane did fly but soon crashed. i don't think corex can cope at this sort of size i have since discovered that about 60" span is about as large as you can go before the corex becomes to flexible. The design of the aircraft was basically sound as the plane flew, I shall build a similar wooden aircraft and make adjustments so that it balances without additional weight. The aircraft had fleet radio gear consisting of 8 servo's and 2 rx's.

Here is a picture of my second twin this is from an old plan and is called a Double Max has 7 servo's 1 rx and is powered by 2 .25 engines one OS.25fp and one Magnum .25 (The old type which was an OS clone). I much lightened this aircraft to weigh only 4 1/2 lbs it flys superbly, is highly aerobatic and i had lost count long ago of the number of flights. Origonally i followed the plan recomendation for a cruciform tail, this came adrift in flight on the 17th flight, the plane got away with very light damage. I rebuilt with a standard tailplane and few reguarly for several months before crashing it due to awkward timing on engine cuts. I am currently repairing it for this summer 2003.

Left is my Double Max with new wing has no taper and very slight anhedral giving it even better flight characteristics with either 1 or 2 engines.The engines have also been replaced with OS 25 la's which have proved to be very reliable. Here is a video of it flying at Goosdale.


This is a commander i bought as it is, it is well built and extremely light i shall power it with 2 OS 10 FP's. You can't have it Gary.

Left is the finished plane  currently had 3 successful flights, it is adequately powered with the OS 10 fp's and 7*5 propellers. but does requires a concrete runway to take off from, flies extremely well was no problem to land when an engine cut on its first flight.Now had a  is  4th flight, here is the video.

below is a friends twin gangster. ,  fast and well powered by 2  reliable OS 25 la's, turning 9*6 propellers, this is a modified kit, not the artf version. It has a gyro on the rudder which  assist if an engine cuts which has happened  due to tank problems.

Above is my 63" span mosquito this was the first plane i started building and was always planned as a long term project though possibly not this long. I have 2 super tiger .25's to power it. Its a bit small really for a scale twin. If i had known better at the time i would have built the 84" span Brian Taylor version. I was toying with the idea of turning into a power slope soarer.

This is a flight box