Led's are now easily bright enough to fly a plane at night. Left is my Fledgling slope soarer which i equipped with around 70 led's of varying colours. Blue on the left wing and tailplane, red on the right wing and tailplane, white on the fin and rear fuslage section and orange around the nose. This made flying and orientation in the dark no problem. The led's are wired in paralell with an apropriate resistor on each one and powered with a 7 cell 650 mah AAA battery pack. They can be switched off and on in flight using an electronic switch plugged into one of the reciever channels. With the led's turned off the plane was not visible  from the cliffs where i was flying it.


My next project was a depron fun fly type plane, needing to keep the weight down i am running all the led's from 2 650mah AAA cells, There are the circuit boards of 4 cycle lights 2 green in the left wing and 2 red in the right, a circuit board with 6 led's is inside the last section of each wing and a circuit board with 3 is embeded through the end ribs. The other led's i purchased in an assorted bag from a model show  tool stall 5 green on the left tailplane  and 5 red on the right,. There are 4 orange led's around the nose. All of these seem ok running off 2.4 volts. Here are links to 2 videos video 1 video 2 .However will  be much improved when i can fins a couple of white or blue led's to go on the fin.

This is my latest project, a Ben Buckle Junior 60. The led's are set out in a similar colour scheme to the fledgling with the addition that it will be a float plane and have green led's on the floats. As the plane is built up I have covered the wing tips, tailplane tips and fin with clear oracover mounting the led's inside, thus lighting up the whole section. The led's for this have the appropiate resistors to run of a 4 cell pack although most will still be powered separately to the reciever pack. The led's can be switched off and on in flight with an electronic switch attatched to a spare reciever channel. As This will be an ic plane and subject to vibration, i have put 4 led's on a separate circuit running of the reciever pack in case the main lights fail in order to be able to still see to land.

Left is my lightened president fun fly with leds, which is capable of droping a small delta plane also equiped with leds, unfortunately on the test flight in the light the first one had a mid air with the plane that had dropped it resulting in the wreckage shown below. In the third picture below is the 1st replacment under construction which on its first night flight landed out of sight behind some trees and was never found, presumed stolen. I am currently building another.

Above is the fun flys hatch. The outside is made out of white 3mm depron, the inside is made of grey depron coated in reflective silver tape, sandwiched between the 2 is 3 white led's making the whole hatch glow white.